First Look

The Coming Tide

From the beginning of our time on the planet, life was a simple matter of survival of the fittest.The strong survive, the weak perished as the laws of natural selection intended. What if this was not always the case, what if it was discovered that our very existence was created to continue the evolution of another species,  that our exploration of our heaven was never to advance our society but expand our arrogance as the predominate of our creation.

It is seldom the winds of change reflect the nature of man kinds existence. From the day we are born, we see the world through the narrow view of our own perception. A view which is guided by the loving directions of our parents. 

It is through this window we relate to how we choose to interact with our world.  It is by our own will that we go through this life making mistakes that forever challenge who we are to become

From the beginning, our lives are consumed by our desires. A desire to attain a life worthy of us. One built by our own hands, shaped and formed by our own will. In the expanse of time and by the grace of our creator are we given opportunity to seek our path.

the world we live in, there are events that forever change the way we look at things.We braved the dangers of the Oceans,climbed the Mountains peeks and a stood the test of time itself.We've even struggle to survive the misgivings of this world. We were however not ready to bare witness to the destructive nature of our own arrogance.We believed we were the pinnacle of life in our universe.We believed that we are the most intelligent. We live in a world that has bore witness to deception and divergence from people willing to go to great lengths to achieve prominence. 

In our arrogance we never believed what we were doing to our world would endanger our very existence The life as we know began on this planet, it is accepted fact while it is not proven, humanity is the only sentient species with a fundamental understanding of our environment. For centuries we consumed the wealth of our planet, pollute the environment in the name of progress. What we have accepted as truth is just a shell covering the reality. 

  The millennium before mankind stepped on this earth and even before life itself took bloom, a race of sentient life sought answers to preserve its knowledge from passing into oblivion. That our planet, we pollute is in fact the life boat of that knowledge. Throughout the passage of time, man has sought to understand his place in the universe Attempted to find truth in his being. We wage war,spread indoctrination of belief.We create persecution of those who do not share our values.

In the void of space and among the stars floating in the inky darkness. A small blue green world watched as an alien craft slowly sank below it's ocean. In time, our world evolved into the world we know today but below the ocean stood a relic of time itself, silent sentinel waiting for life to take bloom.

The ground shook as large fissures opened along the coastline of a small Island along the ring of fire. The shock waves tearing the island as  it broke apart slipping below the waves into the ocean. It was the destructive event of a slip fault that spawned the tsunami that became the worst natural disaster in decades.

Amanda Devon sat there lounged as she enjoyed  an afternoon sun bathing. she had come from the hotel room overlooking the black sand beaches of Tahiti to work on her tan.An escape vacation from the mind numbing work of information processing in Washington. Amanda had finally been force to take her accumulated vacation time by her boss before he would need her again to be his representative before the Congressional finance committee.  The afternoon breeze carrying the scent of coconut and palm oil as guest of the hotel enjoyed themselves on the very day that would change our place in our universe

The sound from the television from the common area filled the hall, as  Lauren weather made her way toward her dorm room. She stood looking at the mound of paper work she needed to complete before her class in enviromental studies the next day. Lauren Weather was a determine student at Anderson University. It was a dream come true for her when she recieved acceptance into the Geology program three years ago, now she was not sure if she would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Lauren looked toward the paper on her desk and began to wonder why she thought, it was a great opportunity to try and  ingratiate herself with her professor.

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Thank you for reading this preview of my upcoming series Adventstorm. This has been a long time coming and I hope you will continue to enjoy these stories as Aaron and crew begin th sir adventures into the unknown.