Interview - Michael Anderle

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Interview — Michael Anderle

 It is seldom that we as fan's of book series get chance to sit down with one of our favorite Authors. I am being fortunate to pose questions to a renowned writer Michael Anderle as a once in a lifetime opportunity, I could not pass this up. Throughout a few days, I was fortunate to pose questions of what Inspired Mr. Anderle to write his beloved Kurtherian Gambit series.

As an inspiring writer, I am both stunned and amazed at the candid response to my questions. Having the opportunity to ask Michael about the reason for crafting such an intricate story that has captivated the minds of so many fans around the world. I followed my inquiries with, What made you decide to write your first book? Michael replied that writing the first book was in part a mark in his bucket list and for his oldest son, who in Michael views is a much better author than himself. He praised the accomplishment of his son's personality to delve head first into a subject first by learning the basic facts of his subjects. A fact that Michael admits he dosed not often do. Michael admits candidly that his own aptitude for leap before looking applies to only a small amount of ventures he enjoys being involved with. It is much to my pleasure to have learned, Mr. Anderle approaches his writing is by extension of a personality much the same way.

I then proceeded to ask Michael about the challenges of becoming a writer, if there was a steep learning curve to overcome. Michael answered this question in spade by revealing, that over the thousand books or so, he has read that he learned to pay close attention to the voices in his mind. I could only imagine the number of time that I've failed to heed my inner voice. Michael admitted he spends a great deal of time rereading his favorite stories as he relishes the dope-amine effect of it all as he pays close attention to what captivates him. My line of questioning gave me an opportunity to ask Michael why he decided to use micro robot (Nantes) as a catalyst for Vampiric powers. He explained that it was a discussion of technology that inspired him to use micro-machines to advance humanity in his stories. 

  Michael had always intended the Kurtherian Gambit to be a Sci-fi series and through the vastness of fan inquiries adapted the story to include many themes needed to advance the series into the present series we now enjoy. Micheal's thoughts on his aspiration to write in the worlds of military action adventure, Paranormal and Sci-fi were a natural fit for his writings. He explained there is a vast universe of possibilities of stories, it is only for you to open your mind and explore. I concluded my candid questions, and answers by asking Michael where he sees the future of publications? His view is awe-inspiring and profound. He started the by stating “ We (universally publishers) need to understand how to bring more folks looking to be entertained into books. Take them from Games,Movies or other pursuits Or we use audible/ audio to engage them otherwise occupied and Insert our little stories at that point"  having a profound admiration for the opportunity, and with no small amount of respect, I conclude this interview.

 It has been a while since I have done anything like this and I do hope you make time and effort to enjoy the series of novels offered by Michael Anderle and others. It has been both and honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to delve into the thoughts of a great writer.

Please look forward to additional coming Interviews in the near future.