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Cascade Style Sheets

This section will explain the functions of cascade style scripting and how it will interact with html.

Hypertext Markup Languages

This section will give you the basic how web coding.

Document object model

This section is more advance form on network coding.

Visual Basic Source script

This is a Instructional network coding created to interface windows over Tcp/Ip.

Structured Query Language

This is software coding for Database interface

Prepurpose Hypertext preprocessor (PHP)

PHP, is a open source code for database interface.

Core Programing

C++, C, C#

Under this section you will find the basic level instruction needed to develop and deploy your own beginning software.

Java, Javascript

Under this section you will learn how to interface using Java as the core solution to creating a interactive software. 

F, F#

This section will explain the fundamentals power of  cross platform coding need to expand your coding across multiple software platforms like IOS, Linux, Android, Apple, Windows.

Visual Basic

Objective C

Code Samples

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